Security Consulting

Proactive security is fundamental for measuring the level of risk, adopting technical and organisational measures that are suitable for it, and complying with company policies and regulations. Optimising the existing structure and giving due consideration to security are essential when developing new processes.

Security Consulting

A real security strategy is only effective if it harmonises all its aspects.

The infrastructure must have a robust design and a safe configuration, the applications must resist threats, and people must be aware of the risks in order to be vigilant.

Security Consulting

Standard and Law Compliance

The update, maintenance and improvement of procedures and policies to comply with the regulations and standards in force.

The compliance of procedures and policies with company regulations and standards, in addition to their maintenance and improvement over time.

  • GDPR
  • AGID
  • Regulatory compliance PCI-DSS
  • ITIL
  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO22301 – Business Continuity


Assessment and compliance of the security processes and procedures.

Identification of the security measures to be implemented in order to reach compliance.

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Organisation and methodology consultancy
  • Implementation of controls

Ethical Hacking

Overview of the state of IT security of systems or applications.

Ethical Hacking activities are among the most advanced from a technical point of view, because they even make it possible to simulate true attacks made by malicious computer crackers

  • Penetration Test
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Management

Analysis, assessment and management of the risk level.

These operations are the starting point for implementing physical, logical or organisational countermeasures in order to reduce the Risk.

  • Classification of Information
  • Data, asset and process identification
  • Risk analysis and measurement
  • GAP Analysis and Risk Management

Training and Awareness

Training and raising awareness.

Having internal staff that has been trained and that has been made aware of the security issues, is the first measure towards infrastructure defence.

  • Training
  • Phishing Campaign

Cyber Intelligence

Analysis, research and protection

By scanning a wide range of sources and converting the information into usable data, our clients can identify unknown threats and reduce their exposure to attacks.

  • Attack indicators
  • Brand reputation
  • Prevention of targeted attacks
  • Analysis of data exfiltration
  • Deep web data research


Riduzione dell'esposizione al rischio di perdita di dati e all'interruzione delle attivitàReduced exposure to the risk of data loss and to the interruption of activities

Protezione completa su tutti i dispositivi e le infrastrutturePrevention and adaptation to standards, regulations and policies

Utilizzo sicuro delle applicazioni e delle tecnologie aziendaliSafe use of applications and company technology

Riduzione dei costi aziendali e ottimizzazione delle risorseReduced company costs and optimisation of resources


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VINCI Energies has reached an agreement with Imtech to acquire Imtech ICT
VINCI Energies has reached an agreement with Imtech to acquire Imtech ICT

VINCI Energies today reached an agreement with Imtech to acquire the latter’s information and communication technologies division, Imtech ICT.

VINCI has finalised the acquisition of Imtech ICT
VINCI has finalised the acquisition of Imtech ICT

VINCI Energies has finalised the acquisition of Imtech ICT, the information and communication technologies division of Imtech.

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