Axians Italy

Our goal is to ensure a capillary coverage of the territory to respond proactively to the specific needs of each customer.

In Italy, Axians operates through the offices of Bari, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rome,  Turin, Trento, Udine, Venice, Verona e Vicenza. Italian division also operates in the international market, particularly in Maghreb region, through the branch of Algiers and in the United States of America through the branch in Florham Park (NJ).

Axians Italy operates with the units Axians Brand id, Axians Cruise Teletronica, Axians Cybersecurity, Axians Saiv  and Axians Sirecom.


Via Gallarate, 205
20151 Milan (MI)
Tel.: +39 02 92148382

Our locations

Brand id main office
Via Tevere, 44
00198 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 85358914
Axians Cruise main office
Strada dell’Artigiano, 19
33030 Campoformido (UD)
Tel.: +39 0432 567100
Axians Cybersecurity main office
Via Cormons, 18
20151 Milan (MI)
Tel.: +39 02 92148382
Axians Saiv main office
Via Zamenhof, 843
36100 Vicenza (VI)
Tel.: +39 0444 587500
Axians Sirecom main office
Corso Peschiera 203
10141 Turin (TO)
Tel.: +39 011 3828938
Branch in Bari
Via Don Luigi Guanella, 15 G
70124 Bari
Tel.: +39 080 8690985
Branch in Bologna
Via Cavour, 2
40055 Villanova di Castenaso (BO)
Branch in Florence
Via A. Righi, 4
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Branch in Milan
Via Cormons, 18
20151 Milano (MI)
Tel.: +39 011 3828938
Branch in Naples
Viale della Costituzione, Centro Direzionale E2
80143 Napoli
Tel.: +39 081 5628067
Branch in Padua
Via Nona Strada, 23/G
35129 Padua (PD)
Tel.: +39 049 8070480
Branch in Rome
Via Mario Bianchini, 60
00142 Roma (RM)
Tel.: +39 0444 587500
Branch in Trento
Via Bolzano, 19/U
38100 Trento (TN)
Tel.: +39 0461 950303
Branch in Udine
Strada dell’Artigiano, 19
33030 Campoformido (UD)
Tel.: +39 0432 567100
Branch in Venezia
Banchina Molini, 8
30175 Marghera (VE)
Tel.: +39 041 5631421
Branch in Verona
Viale del Lavoro, 35/B
37135 Verona (VR)
Tel.: +39 045 583939
Branch in Vicenza
Via De Blasi, 3/A
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Tel.: +39 0424 219134
Branch in Algeria
Cooperative El Yasmine, 45
16050 Draria Algeria (Algeri)
Tel.: +213 (0) 23332152
Branch in the United States of America
26 Columbia Turnpike
Florham Park, NJ 07932
United States of America

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