Digital Transformation
& Iot

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution and of digital manufacturing, characterized by the connection between physical and digital systems, from complex analysis through Big Data, the use of intelligent and Internet-based machines, the role of ICT represents a strategic function within companies.

To improve the competitiveness & Customer Experience

To redesign and improve the processes that govern the business of companies and public administration, Axians develops and implements end-to-end IoT solutions that are integrated and tailored to each specific need, immediately measurable in effectiveness (ROI) through key performance indicators (KPI).

Our solutions

Industry 4.0

Digital innovation in industrial processes is the key to the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector of the future. Axians offers “end-to-end” IoT solutions, or throughout the data chain, from its generation (field sensor) to standardization and transport over IP (gateway and network), storage and aggregation (Server and IoT Framework, both on-premise and cloud) until it comes to extracting its value (Analytics and Business Intelligence) and integrates it into existing applications (production management, E.R.P, C.R.M) or publish it on dynamic dashboards.

Smart City

Axians imagines the smart city as a city geared at meeting the needs of the present, preserving resources for the future. The solutions are studied ad hoc for intelligently managing economic activities, mobility, environmental resources, people relationships, housing policies, and administration models.

Building Automation

Automatically and autonomously managing the technology systems of an entire building, ensuring that all functions relating to temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting, cleaning, surveillance, maintenance, occupation of spaces, and level of satisfaction are regularly carried out. Axians’ goal is to maximize the energy savings, comfort and safety of the occupants in the environments.

Digital Shops

Axians offers the most complete and advanced solution to improve the customer buying experience in retail stores and increase retailer sales. Making the retail outlet smart means optimizing inventory management, facilitating product comparison, increasing the relevance of promotions, making the search for the desired product instant, create an emotional experience with customers through the design of smart fitting rooms, and reduce waiting times at checkout.

The Axians benefits

  • Reduced machine shutdown
  • Reduction of defects
  • Introduction of new products
  • Improving the OEE
  • Inventory optimization
  • Energy efficiency

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